What You must Know before Joining the Military?

To enlist in the military doesn’t just mean that you have to understand how to read 2100 military time and whatnot. Completing its basic training is the most important part to become enlisted. If you are really serious to join the military and serve the country, it helps a lot if you are aware of what to expect.

Sort out Personal Matters before leaving

All future recruits must turn to their family members for any issues to finding out who’ll handle the bills, deal with bank accounts, collect mails and the likes.

Discipline is a Must

On your initial training, each and every aspect of schedule and activities are regimented. Everything from the time that you wake up in the morning, eating lunch, going to sleep and whatnot will be done as per schedule.

Be Proactive in Learning Military Life

It is wise actually to talk to some family or friends who have been in the military to get some ideas. If there’s none, do your research over the web or even reach out to recruiters with any questions about what you might possibly experience once you get in. For instance, in services, people are using lots of acronyms, saluting the higher-ranking officials and advanced or be promoted to specific rank structure.

Prepare for Physical Strains on Your Body

Check out the physical fitness requirements for the kind of service that you plan to be in. On basic training, each service member should pass the PFT or the Physical Fitness Test that’s specific to every service.

  • Army PFT – timed 2-mile run, 2 minutes of pushups and sit-ups
  • Navy PRT – PRT stands for Physical Readiness Test which will require applicants to pass a timed 1.5 mile run, 2 minutes of curl-ups as well as 2 minutes of push-ups. At the discretion of the commanding officer, you may perform alternate cardio too
  • Marine Corps PFT – in such, it will require a timed 3-mile run, 2 minutes of pushups or pull-ups and abdominal crunches. Aside from that, all marines have to pass the Combat Fitness Test which is designed to keep marines prepared for any rigorous activities of modern combat operations. This test will consist of 880yd sprint, 300yd maneuver under fire event and counted 30-pound ammo can lifts