Why Rushing The Production Of COVID-19 Vaccine Would Be Bad For Public’s Health

Scientists and medical experts all over the world are scrambling to develop a vaccine that would finally put an end to this dreaded coronavirus pandemic, which has already claimed the lives of millions and disrupted the lives of billions of people all over the world. This modern-day plague, which originated from Wuhan, China, has already caused too much problem, both in the economic and public health aspect, that authorities would not want to allow this situation to be prolonged.

The only way for this pandemic to end is for the entire world population to gain herd immunity from the novel coronavirus. This way, when the virus infects a person with immunity, this virus will only stay inside the host without causing life-threatening symptoms until the virus itself dies of trying. When this is achieved, we can slowly get our usual lives back without the fear of going outside and getting infected by the coronavirus.

However, even as the fate of the world lies on the COVID-19 vaccine, experts should take their time to make sure that the vaccines to be distributed in different countries are effective and potent. We want this pandemic to end as soon as possible, but we also want to be sure that these vaccines will be safe to use and not cause any further trouble in our health.

We Might Be Immune To The Novel Coronavirus, Thanks To Vaccine, But It Should Not Cause Other Harmful Side-Effects

There have been other epidemic in the world in which a vaccine was developed to stop the disease from spreading. Of course, it would be normal for a team of scientists to speed up the process of developing the vaccine, perhaps skipping some stages in human trials so that the vaccine will be distributed right away. However, if we look back in our history, there was an instance when a group of soldiers sent to war was given an anti-Malaria vaccine. This vaccine was rushed to develop, and the outcome was the soldiers developing jaundice during the battle as they acquired liver issues because of the vaccine. Hopefully, they also read some smile direct whitening reviews to have an idea about oral health as well.

So what do we learn from this incident? We should allow our experts developing the COVID-19 vaccine to study the effects of the vaccine shots to humans very carefully. For now, in order to achieve potent immunity against the coronavirus, we should look for natural ways to boost our immune system.