Leather Jackets : Highlighting Their Importance as Protective Outer Garments

Leather jackets as a fashion garment never goes out of style since they tend to exude a tough but refined stylishness that reflects well on wearers. The impression about leather jackets is not surprising at all, because they actually originated as protective outer garments of German fighter pilots during the First World War.

Brief Glimpse on How Leather Jackets Originated

Leather jackets first appeared in their natural tan coloring since fashion was not the main concern of the German military. The primary purpose of the brown leather jackets was to provide fighter pilots with a protective outer garment against the extreme cold temperature when flying at high altitudes. After World War II, world peace was finally given a chance, while the brown leather jacket remained as a staple outer armor among aviators everywhere.

In 1928, a topnotch fashion designer named Irvin Schott gave the brown aviation jacket a new look by having the leather hide dyed in black, and by replacing the large buttons with metal zippers as closure. The popularity of black leather jackets soared in the 1950s after Hollywood’s then rising star Marlon Brando, wore a black jacket in the movie “The Wild One,” to emphasize his badass image as a gang member. The tough-guy-in-a-leather jacket image was soon perpetuated by James Dean in “Rebel with a Cause.”

Both Marlon Brando and James Dean were also known as motorcycle aficionados who were often photographed wearing black leather jackets while riding their motorcycle. Yet the Hollywood star who had changed the fashion statement for black leather jackets was Steve McQueen.

McQueen was a former military man who emerged as a cool, hero-type of guy in Hollywood movies. His other passion in real life was not only for motorcycle riding, but motorcycle racing as well. As McQueen’s fans and followers grew, those looking to emulate him and other Hollywood icons started referring to leather jackets as motorcycle leather jackets.

Some Important Pointers When Looking to Buy Motorcycle Leather Jackets

While black is the popular color for motorcycle leather jackets, we at Motorcycle Larry.com give advice to wearers to take extra precaution in wearing black while riding a motorcycle at night. Black has low visibility and is quite dangerous when wearing them on the road at night. Drivers of oncoming vehicles cannot instantly discern a motorcycle rider even with headlights on.

It would be best therefore, to increase one’s visibility when wearing a black motorcycle jacket at night by adding reflective large designs on the leather material. Moreover, make sure the reflective decals will work effectively as a safety feature, by placing them on jacket areas where headlight beams are likely to fall.

Actually, motorcycle leather jackets have other safety features, including styles that come in brighter colors made specially for night time rides. When researching for info about leather jackets that suit one’s lifestyle, type stylish high-quality motorcycle leather jackets as additional search words.