Health and fitness: benefits of water aerobics

Did you know that the element of water is good for body and soul? It protects both equally. Knowing the meaning of 444 and reading its symbolism will give you the motivation to do water exercises and stay healthy.

What are the health benefits of water aerobics?

You can enjoy the wet element to the fullest with these simple exercises. You can do a lot for your figure and at the same time protect your joints.

Ensures good balance

Stand on the swimming pool’s side and hold it with your right hand. Slowly raise and lower left leg sideways 20 times. Switch sides. Repeat this 3 times. Important: keep your back straight, do not make a hollow back. Always keep your stomach and legs in good tension.

Keeps the circulation going

To the edge of the pool, stand with your back. Extend your hands to the sides and place them loosely. Kick your legs for 2-3 minutes. Start gently, get faster, and slowly stop. This protects the back and strengthens the leg muscles.

Creates more stamina

Either jog across the pool for 3-5 minutes or if it is very crowded – just run on the spot. Important: With every step, raise your knees as high as possible and pull your arms vigorously in the opposite movement.

Provides good balance

This exercise should be inserted after you’ve been in motion for a while and your muscles have warmed up. Jump 20 times alternately as far as you can into the broad lunge, taking your arms with you in the countermovement.

Forms firm upper arms

Empty plastic bottles are a great exercise tool. To push them underwater, you need strength. In a straddled stand with straight arms, first press down 10 times in front, then 10 times to the sides.

For a firm stomach

Place your arms on the edge of the pool and make sure that your shoulders stay relaxed. Don’t pull up. Now stretch both legs parallel to the floor, with the toes pointing away from the body. Bend your knees 20 times and straighten them again, shake them out and repeat.