Why The Health And Wellness Industry Is Booming

Wellness is a holistic lifestyle that conquered the mass market. There are almost 150,000 spas and wellness centers worldwide. That is why the world’s largest fitness fair FIBO has devoted an entire hall to the topic of the World of Wellness.

The wellness market is booming worldwide. The industry recently generated around $ 94 billion and posted annual growth rates of more than nine percent. Many wellness providers said that they owe this success mainly through online adverts and diligent social media posts that seek to create awareness in health and wellness.

Health & Wellness Industry Boom

Digital marketing efforts, mainly videos posted in YouTube (through the help of cheap YouTube services) has significantly contributed to the people’s awareness of the importance of health. It’s a domino effect. This has eventually helped the wellness industry boom in recent years.

Top Five Countries That Generated Half of the World’s Revenue in the Wellness Industry

The Global Wellness Institute currently has 149,000 spas and wellness centers worldwide. Right at the forefront are the following:

• China
• Germany
• Japan
• France

The top 5 generate almost half of the world’s revenue. According to the Global Wellness Monitor 2018. This was published in autumn.

Reduce work-related stress

It is no coincidence that the order coincides with the ranking of the largest economies (measured in terms of gross domestic product): Because the most important motive for using wellness, offers is stress reduction, which is often work-related and therefore increases in the context of occupational health management (BGM) is seen.

Workplace health promotion in the Physio Spa

Roland Janauschek, Managing Director of the Badehaus Bremen, also made this observation. In cooperation with Bremen health service providers, he has been offering a so-called “Company Health Ticket” since 2009, the benefits of which can be claimed for tax purposes in the amount of 500 euros. In his view, the Physio Spa is a trendsetter in future health promotion.

The ABC of Wellness

From A for aromatherapy, B for tanning concepts, and C for collagen devices: FIBO will again be presenting the complete wellness ABC in 2019. Also included: the major players in the industry. Because: Today wellness is a holistic lifestyle that includes fitness, nutrition, relaxation, stress reduction, and social connection.

Hall 8 as a vital part of FIBO

This is also emphasized by Silke Frank, Event Director at FIBO: “Wellness is no longer defined as a pampering program, but as part of an active, health-oriented and experience-oriented lifestyle.” Hall 8 is therefore a vital part of FIBO. Almost 1,200 exhibitors from all over the world present themselves for all sides – for studio operators, physiotherapists, spas, hoteliers, and those responsible for BGM.

“Mindful fitness, healthy eating, and sustainable life are key wellness issues today,” emphasizes Lutz Hertel, CEO of the German Wellness Association (DWV), who, together with the German Sauna Association as a partner, designs the lecture program in the newly designed Wellness Forum. In the center of Wellness Hall 8, the “Wellness Competence Center” is presented in a new shape and size.