Medical Technology that are Shaping the Future of Technology

Technology has significantly improved our lives and also, made complex tasks to a simpler one. But on top of the technological advances that the world has witnessed, one that made a mark are the advances in medicine. From the advances in surgical practices, invention of X-Ray machines and whatnot, technology helped increasing life expectancies and made us a lot healthier too!

Believe it or not, there are many products of medical technology that are now widely used in the world that you may or may not be aware of. Let us cite some examples:


This stands for Electronic Health Records. Back in the past, hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities had to disparate information systems that were hard to operate in their ability to transfer and share patient information. But with the availability of EHRs, it helped in connecting several systems that allowed faster transfer of data in an efficient manner.

Telemedicine / Telehealth

Telemedicine basically refers to the methods of advancing healthcare as per telecommunications technologies. There are a number of reasons why telehealth is growing in popularity today and is reaching success.

First of all, in rural areas in which access to hospitals and several health-related services are lacking of, patients can take advantage of their computer to meet a virtual doctor. Also, the cost benefits that are associated with telehealth are plain remarkable. As per studies of Alliance for Connected Care study, using telehealth services can let patients save up to a hundred dollars per visit on their doctor.

Remote Monitoring Tools

When patients are monitoring their health at their home, they can actually save big money while reducing the unnecessary visits to their doctor. Pacemakers for patients who have heart problems can send data automatically to remote health centers. This is perfect among patients who have chronic illnesses as these tools let the system to accurately track the health of the patient even from a distant location.

Wearable Tech

Wearable technology such as smart watch and smart glasses are all in the rage in today’s market. But in the field of medicine, it has an equivalent counterpart which is wearable medical devices. The market for it is growing fast as these data have the capability to gather information that then helps physicians and their patients to assess and monitor health.

Of course, let us not forget that some of these devices are internet dependent so unless you have a modem/router combo to connect it to the web, it’ll render useless.