Swimming – The Best Aero Exercise

All sorts of physical exercise have its marketing points. However, swimming is not like any other aerobic exercise in some essential approaches. Swimming is healthy in many ways. The fact that you are immersed in water indicates that your muscles and bones are relatively unshackled through the restrictions of gravitational pressure which makes swimming the ideal form of exercise for people suffering from osteoarthritis.

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Swimming reduces arterial tightness, a risk component for cardiovascular problems. Swim exercising also lowers blood pressure for people who suffer from hypertension. The bouyance and coolness of water are attractive to those who are obese or overweight where load-bearing cardio exercise like running could be uncomfortable.

Your Body When Submerged in Water

Your body is actually working hard when submerged in the pool. Since water is denser, there is more pressure on your limbs that outside the water. And since the pressure in water is equally distributed, pressure doesn’t collect on the lower parts of your body such as the knees, hips, or in any of your lower extremities.

Your breathing in water is also another difference in swim training. When training with bikes or through running, breathing is shallow but with a forceful exhale. When you are in the waters, it’s the other way. You breathe in more rapidly and deeply, and then allow air to just trickling out. Since your head is being submerged in water, your breathing will have to adjust which is vital. This adjustment improves the strength of the respiratory muscles.

And finally, your back benefits from swimming too. Exercising in a horizontal position versus the vertical position may be an excellent way to combat so many times that you spent bent over a steering wheel or over your desk in the office. There is no hard effect on your back when compared to running where your back is typically arched a bit in the reverse direction. That might help enhance your posture preventing back injuries rooting from long hours of sitting.

Should you prefer swimming over other types of aero exercises or physical work out, professionals recommend starting slowly and gradually. Think about using the assistance of a trainer in case you did not get any formal training as a child. Begin with 30-minute periods 3 times per week, and do not miss to take regular breaks.