Diet Tips for a Photographer

The relationship between diet, art, photography, and creativity has been defined in order to give a healthy living to an artist or photographer. Most photographers usually needed some motivations to create their masterpiece. Stimulus or motivation per se may vary from individual to individual. For some, it could be a personal choice like their loved ones. Others may demand for browning trail cameras to get motivated. Or, some may need foods to satisfy them.

This kind of stimulus is very much essential for photographers as it keeps them to create art and masterpiece. It is their triggering factor to be creative. However, in case, the stimulus is the food, photographers have to think twice. Photographers also need to be physically fit and understand the real meaning of health. That’s why it is important to have a healthy diet.


Diet Tips for a Stronger Photographer

Aside from a healthy diet, photographers also need to engaged into exercising activities to have a stronger body. Here are some practical tips and healthy food choices for photographers.



1. Walk often

Walking helps the body to build strength around the legs.


Good thing to do to facilitate walking is to take the stairs instead of using the elevator or escalator.


2. Go to the gym

Engage yourself in squats or deadlifts. However, if you can not afford to go to the gym, yoga at home will do. You can also do body weight squats, pistols, or lunges.



  • Breakfast suggestion

Drink a lot of fluids. Go for black coffee, a shot of espresso will keep you going. It is also advisable to drink green tea, water, or hot cocoa.


  • Food suggestions during the day when hunger strikes

High fat and high protein food is recommended. An avocado with paprika and salt is a perfect recommendation. Binge for some almonds or eggs with yolk. Also, 100% dark chocolate will do.


  • Dinner meal recommendation

Meats, green veggies, and eggs are nice dinner option. But, do not take rice or bread. Foods containing wheat or gluten are also not recommended during dinner. However, listen to what the body wants to eat. Or, do some experiment. Tweak your dinner and find out what really fits you.