The Wellness Trends

As the world suffers from pandemic, people’s health has also been affected. To adjust and adapt to the new normal, trends are created to help individuals cope with the current situation. What are this new normal trends?

  1. The growth of virtual fitness is undeniably noticeable especially during the pandemic. There are people who depend on it even before the spread of the Corona virus. But the increase in number of the people who offer virtual fitness services and the people who avail the services are really large. Online yoga classes, aerobics, anything and everything, name it and you will be able to find and enroll yourself in virtual fitness class. If you want to actually interact with your instructor, enrolling in a virtual fitness class will be worth it. However, if the budget is tight and you do not have an extra money to pay for a particular fitness class, you have nothing to worry since what is good about this is, a lot of videos can already be watched online and people can just simply follow what they are watching.  Another thing is that a lot of applications can be downloaded for free and it even creates a program depending on what you want to improve in your body.
  2. Virtual fitness is good but giving yourself a time for an outdoor activity is better. It is pandemic but following safety protocols will help you protect yourself and let you enjoy get going outside your comfort zone (house/home). Outdoor activities same with the classes offered online for virtual fitness do not just help your body physically but it also improves your mental health and maintain your sanity. We all know how frustrating for many it is to just stay at home. We have to accept the fact and respect that other people need to go out not really to enjoy but it is actually for their well-being. Visit Deccan Herald and look for the latest articles regarding the effects of Covid-19 to read for yourself the impact of the pandemic to other people.