The Possible Health Risks of Playing Video Games for a Prolonged Period of Time

It is possible that your whole family is addicted to video, and you just do not notice it yet, because guess what, you are also busy playing video games.

It is no wonder why video gaming addiction is a common problem these days, especially when the who world was put into lockdown due to the pandemic. Another factor is technological advancement and accessibility. As long as you have an electronic device and internet, you get to choose various types of games and ark server hosting on the internet. Even without the internet, there are gaming consoles that you can use.

But of course, while it comes with many benefits, it also poses health risks, especially if you are playing “too much” and isolate yourself from the real world.

You know that you are or someone is addicted to video games if that person shows hanges in action and temperament, such as social isolation, loss of interests in the activities he/she used to enjoy, and experiencing withdrawal syndrome when not playing — all of these are most likely to trigger irritability, anxiety or worries. Aside from that, you can also see a decline in performance in school or work or not loss of time control when playing.  Now let’s take a look at some of the health risks associated with  playing video games too much:

Vision Issues

You are most likely to have vision problems if you always play video games. This is most likely because of prolonged period of staring at you electronic screen which may lead to eyestrain because the cornea, pupil, and iris are not technically capable of extended viewing time of digital pictures from your devices.

Obesity and overweight

Believe it or not, video game addiction can make you obese or at least gain weight. This is perhaps related to the lack of exercise since you are just seated most of the time. It could also be that people who are not that physically fit because of obesity focus on less physically tiring exercises, such as gaming.

Musculoskeletal problems

Addicted gamers might also experience musculoskeletal issues. After seating for a long time, you might experience body pain because of poor posture and lack of physical activity.