Health Issues Of A Taxi Driver

Health Problems Related to Driving Hours

Especially in the automotive industry, labor accidents, especially taxi drivers, are a major problem. This research incorporates several points that affect the physical and mental health of cab drivers in to theoretical models, demonstrating that the working surrounding, personality traits and stress directly affect the health of cab drivers.

About 65% of cab drivers are in the middle-aged between 21-40 yrs old. Most 60% taxi drivers belong to the low socio-economic category. 70% of cab drivers work at least 12 hours a day. 63% show one or more addiction records. 52% of taxi drivers have B1 characters, only 6% are stressed and have aggressive A1 characters.

The main sources of stress include rude posture and traffic congestion 67%, narrow bottlenecks 43%, lots of circuit breakers 41%, other drivers 42% and bad weather 37%. Nearly 87% of cab drivers have had more than one incidence rate. Almost Taxi Breda drivers experience these health problems such as Gastrointestinal,  bone and muscle pain, stress and depression.

Drivers are faced with many health problems such as irregular work environment, unstable working and working hours, adjustment of work, awful attitude, poor eating habits and so on. The driver’s personality traits exacerbate job stress and further complicate the situation, which effects the health of the cab drivers.

The taxi industry is very different from traditional work. The working hours of employees are blurred and the salary is fluctuating every day. Recent researchers have commenced adopting an integrated approach to improving office physical health and safety, so the importance of occupational health and safety research in non-traditional industries such as cab driving is critical to support healthy and safe behavior.

Sugar Intake of A Taxi Drivers

For most taxi drivers, traffic congestion is the main constraint per day. Other restrictions are traffic instability or other drivers’ poor behavior or road difficulties. According to the personal experience of a cab driver, the majority of 508 taxi drivers is 67% having a mixed diet and 29% are vegetarians. 42% of cab drivers often eat on time and 38% occasionally eat. 52% of cab taxi driver sleeps from 7-8 hours a day, and 48% sleeps below 6 hours a day.

Stool habit was irregular 43 %. 32% were addicted to tobacco 28% were smokers, and 23% were alcoholic. Weekly activities and leisure activities should make your body and mind relaxed. Most taxi drivers 60% spend their weekend holidays, but only 15% are engaged in leisure activities.

Of the 60% of cab drivers, 43% do housework, 31% are entertaining activities such as TV, movies and radio, and only 12% of cab drivers participate in reading and writing. In leisure time, 91% of cab drivers feel very comfortable.