Reasons why Pizza is Not Good for your Health

Pizza is unquestionably a feast to our taste buds. There’s no wrong with having Pizza once in a while. But there is sad news for those people who cannot go a day or two without having one. There are those people who even have their own Perforated Pizza Peel at home. Pizza is not good for our health. Similar to any other junk food, pizza is the hidden cause to sudden weight gain, raised cholesterol, digestive disorders, to name a few.

1. Pizza Consists of Pure Flour

We don’t have to be told all the time how dangerous refined flour is for our well-being. Pizza is made up of this component which is from of any nutrient, vitamin or fibre content. It does noed do any good for our health than to improve our love handles.

2. Cheese Used in Pizza Can Develop the Chance of Having Heart Disease

Eating too much cheese can raise the levels of harmful cholesterol in our body and raise the chance of heart diseases. If you’re a chicken pizza lover, then the fat content is even greater.

3. Pizza Can Make you More Susceptible to Blood Pressure

Too much sodium content in Pizza can lead to hypertension if you have it regularly. If you have an entire pizza in one go, you’re already overdosing your advised regular sodium consumption.

4. You Can Get Dependent to Pizza

The component in the pizza can make you dependent to it. It will produce a hormone that allows your brain addicted to it.

5. It Can Create Variations in Your Sugar Levels

Regular consumption of pizza can disrupt the sugar stability in your body. It can improve your sugar levels quickly and then drop it after some time. This occurs because of the processed flour and the additives in such food.

6. It Leads to Acidity

The components of pizza such as cheese, sauce and processed flour crust bothered the stomach and usually causes acidity. If you already struggle from acidity, then get away from pizza. You must never restore your daily lunch or dinner with the pizza. If you really need to have pizza, have it as a bite and not as a meal.