Promoting the health of children in daycare

Daycare centers are important fields of action in health promotion. Not only can the children benefit from this, but also parents and daycare professionals.

Daycare centers have increasingly come into the focus of health promotion as essential fields of action. They represent an important living space outside the family, in which children can be reached from an early age.

In addition to the children themselves, the educational specialists can also address the family environment and, if necessary, arrange contacts with external institutions.

Education, upbringing and health promotion

Health promotion has been part of everyday life in day-care centers for many years. According to the principles of support, daycare facilities for children and daycare should promote the personal development of children and strengthen them in their social, emotional, physical, and mental skills. In doing so, you are following a holistic approach that is oriented towards the world of life, which is also the basis for health-promoting measures.

Health promotion in the daycare center is therefore not an additional task but can be understood as part of their education and upbringing mandate. Professionals should not only be concerned about What Has Changed About Stamp Duty in the UK?

Fields of action for health promotion in daycare centers

A holistic promotion of health in the day-care environment pursues three main goals:

  • Support in the development of health-related behavior
  • Strengthening the resources and skills of children, parents, and employees
  • Design of a health-promoting living and working environment

Health-related behavior and actions are part of everyday life in many daycare centers. Above all, there are routine processes and special activities in the areas of exercise, nutrition, hygiene, dental care, and language development. Many measures from the field of child health – such as traffic education, addiction, and violence prevention – are also often brought to the facilities from outside.

There is now an increasing number of programs and activities to support healthy psychological development and strengthen resources in daycare centers. These are often further developments of programs from addiction prevention to promote life skills.

The promotion of healthy development and strengthening of personal resources and resilience of children is, however, primarily embedded in everyday educational and care-related activities of the professionals.