Nitric Oxide : The Essential Compound Your Body Needs to Maintain Good Health

Nitric oxide is a compound created naturally by the human body, which releases molecules that are significant in maintaining good health and wellness.

The main function of nitric oxide (NO) as a health-giving nutrient is that it loosens the inner muscles of the blood vessels, which in the medical community is known as vasodilation. The NO molecules have a phenomenal ability in helping blood vessels expand or widen, as doing so promotes the smooth flow of blood during the circulation process. That is why the body’s production of this compound is necessary as a means of maintaining a person’s overall good health.

A healthy blood circulation enables nutrients, oxygen, and blood to travel throughout the body with ease.It is important therefore to have knowledge on how one can naturally increase the production of nitric oxide in one’s body.

Most Effective Ways of Increasing the Body’s Nitric Oxide Levels

As always, eating vegetables rich in nitrate oxide is the first in the list.

Studies have proven that eating vegetables high in nitrates lowers blood pressure in pretty much the same medications do. The most common examples of nitrate-rich vegetables are celery, spinach, lettuce, cress, and beetroot.

While processed meats like bacon, hotdog and cold cuts contain nitrate compounds, they are sodium nitrate compounds used as preservatives and not as compounds that produce molecules that help in vasodilation. Despite its benefits of nitrate, be wary of taking in excessive amounts of sodium nitrates usually found as a preservative and color fixatives has the ability to construct cancer-causing compounds known as nitrosamine.

On the other hand, even though 80% of nitrate intake is from vegetables, the presence of antioxidants like Vitamin C can counter the formation of harmful N-nitroso compounds. That is why vegetables as well as fruits that are also high in antioxidants are the best kinds of organic food to eat, as a way to maintain ideal levels of the helpful nitric oxide in the body.

Taking Dietary Supplements that Boost Nitric Oxide Production

There are supplements that do not specifically contain the nitric oxide compound itself but have ingredients that aid in the production of nitric oxide in the body. These supplements are usually taken regularly by healthy adults, most of whom first consulted with their doctors to make sure it will not interfere in the other natural functions of their health system .

Rocket Man Naturals for one, is the most recommended nitric oxide supplement as it is remains in the body for a long duration. The nitric oxide booster of the supplement comes from tree barks as their underground membranes have been discovered as containing nitric oxide suitable for human consumption.

While oral hygiene is important, health experts for people to reduce usage of mouthwash. Even if mouthwash can remove cavity-causing bacteria in your mouth, frequent use of mouthwash can kill the good bacteria found in your mouth, which include those assist in producing nitric oxide.