Most Common Health Benefits of Being a Truck Driver

Transfering of items and products via roads is an important service that requires skilled truck drivers. Being focused on the road and driving all day and night. This is the reason why truck drivers are rewarded greatly for their sacrifices.

It is no wonder why the salary of a truck driver is high, but health concerns can be extreme. Reasonably, being on the road is a hard job. The food and lifestyle of a truck driver are often around store-bought item and ready-to-eat food and drinks. But, this type of lifestyle puts their health in danger. Despite having high-end tools such as Trucking Office Software, these dangers are not always inevitable.

let’s learn the many health problems that truck drivers encounter and answers for each problem.

1. Obesity

Being on the same position for several hours, truck drivers several different health difficulties. Obesity is one of them. This health situation is normally determined on the principle of body mass index.

The fast-food habits and inactive life style changes the overall bodily metabolisms and put critical health hazards.

Majority of drivers have a microwave placed in a truck home that allow them to heat fast food on the go.

2. Lung Cancer

A lot of studies further predicted that more than 60 percent of truck drivers smoke. Aside from that, being continuously shown to diesel exhaust gas, truck driver lives are inclined to fatal conditions.

Although smoking aids drivers alleviate stress, it also improves their possibilities of obtaining lung cancer.

3. Obstructive Sleep Apnea

This health issue is common among drivers particularly smokers and overweight individuals. The affected individual may not be able to breathe when they rest. Their tongue folds back and blocks the air-flow.

Because of that, it can result to irregular rest, resulting in tired body. Sleep apnea has also been identified to lead the body to slow down its response time.

4. Troubled Sleep Routine

Driving routine streets and weather circumstances are not always fixed. Drivers may have to push for open hours without a stables schedule. This can make the body to exhibit fatigue because of an incorrect sleeping routine.