Marketing In Skin Care: Tips For Doctors

Some medical practices already have a large customer base that keeps coming back. However, there are smaller private practices that can and want to take on more patients. The situation is similar for therapists. They can definitely benefit from online marketing.

But even established medical practices and hospitals do not do any harm to do online marketing. It’s not about winning patients, it’s about strengthening the image. This is about branding. Put your competence and reliability to the test.

Keyword research for doctors and skin care professionals

An important starting point in online marketing is always the so-called keyword research. Find out which terms users search on the Internet to find companies like yours.

This gives you a feeling for how users are searching and you can optimize your website accordingly. Try to include relevant keywords so that Google understands your page and can display it in the appropriate search results.

Skin care

Top keywords for doctors

According to Google Keyword Planner, the following terms are among the most searched keywords:

  • Family doctor
  • General practitioner
  • General practitioner
  • Skin care professional

However, as a little practice, it makes sense to focus on targeted keywords that aren’t quite as generic. For example, you can plan to optimize your website for the combination of doctor and location.

In this way, you will be shown to people in the Google search who actually live in your area.

Practice marketing in health care

Which channels can you use to make your practice visible on the internet? You can use the following platforms.

Listing – This channel is at the top. Medical practices live on recommendations. Create profiles in industry portals and let patients rate your practice. A company listing on Google My Business is also important to score in local searches.

SEO – You can use the keywords mentioned above to optimize your website for search engines. This puts you one step ahead of your competitors and ensures that your practice appears prominently on Google.

Social media – A presence on social media can be useful for specific professional fields. For example, are you a physiotherapist or head of cosmetic surgery? A look behind the scenes and sharing the experiences of other patients could be interesting.

Whether you run a doctor’s office, a hospital or a health center, a professional website is always useful. Show patients who is behind your company and what to expect from you.